Business Cards featuring a QR Code

QR Code Business Cards

QR Code Business Cards are a great way to make your Cards multi-functional. A standard Business Card has all your business details and by adding a QR Code you can also direct your customers to reach more information.

So what is a QR Code and how does it work? QR stands for quick response. Include it on your Business Card and your customer can scan the code using the camera on their mobile phone which will direct them to the information you want to share.

The ideal size for a QR Code in print is a 3cm square. This size will fit well on one side of a Card, making it easy to incorporate into the overall design. Don’t have an existing QR Code? We can help generate the code for you at no extra cost. My Favourite Printer offers two standard size Cards - 55mm Square and 90 x 55mm Rectangle Cards, which you can purchase here.

Ideas for your QR Code:

- Direct customers to your website
- Link to social media accounts
- A convenient way to access all your contact information
- A specific page on your website:
   - New product launch
   - Product information
   - Specials
   - Menu
- Invitation to an event / workshop
- Portfolio page

What other products are suitable for QR Codes? Most printed products can have Codes included, popular choices are Postcards, Thank you Cards, Flyers, Brochures and Menus.
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