Digital & Offset Printing

My Favourite Printer offers Digital and Offset Printing, two different methods that are used depending on what materials are used, quantities and turnaround times.

Is an electronic form of printing that uses a powder based toner and is heat set using a rotating drum to apply the ink. CMYK colour is used. Digital printing is ideal and cost-effective for small runs as it involves quick and easy setup compared to offset printing. We can print flyers, envelopes, cards and booklets in small quantities on this machine.

Offset printing is a process in which the image is transferred from a metal plate on to a rubber blanket or roller before applying to the printing surface. The rubber blankets/rollers conform to the print surface, giving a sharp final image. Offset printing gives a consistent, high quality print and can use CMYK colour or spot Pantone colour, including Gold, Silver and Fluro colours. Offset printing is used for NCR Books, and larger print runs and items that require specific Pantone colours to be used.